keeping our planet clean every step of the process 

Gender Equality

90% of our employees are female, by conducting statistical analysis we have seen vast improvements in our productivity by empowering women in traditionally male dominant tasks 

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals 

We have an in-house chemical testing facility to make sure all the chemicals we use in our processes are environmentally friendly.

Recyclable Materials  

We promote the usage of recyclable cotton and plastic. Our gloves are currently made up of 40% recyclable materials. Our Goal by 2025 is to use 80% sustainable materials in our gloves. 


We intend to fight the spread of cancer by being one of the biggest sponsors of the Shaukat Khanum cancer hospital in Pakistan. We sponsor cancer treatments and provide medical supplies to the hospital. 

Fighting Cancer 

We have provided two fresh water filtration plants to our local communities! 

Clean Water

Education is important for economic and human development. We sponsor education for bright children in our communities. We also have a sponsorship program funding university education for hardworking individuals.

Education Programs 


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