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Motorcross Gloves

Arcis Motorcross gloves are recognized leaders all over the world by the motocross industry. Our gloves are well known for their innovative designs, excellent comfort, uncompromising safety and outstanding utility. Our advanced designs for motorbike gloves help drivers to protect their hands in all motorbike conditions.


We offer Motorcross gloves in a variety of styles and colours made of the most advanced Hi-Tech materials. We select the finest leathers and produce the gloves with our Proprietary Super light impact protection technology so that drivers can safely ride with confidence knowing that they are well-protected. Whether it is riding on the street, participating on the racetrack or off-road, ARCIS’s gloves will keep the drivers riding in style safely.

Skull Crusher 909 ™

Back: Hiviz Orange Knitted Spandex with Breathable Mesh fabric

Back of Hand Reinforcement: Neoprene with Arcis Printing
Palm: Ax Suede Synthetic Leather with silicon printing on Fingertips
Fourchette: Nylon Spandex
Thumb: Knitted Spandex
Printing: Arcis Shield Sonic Welding and Arcis Printing
Cuff: Embossed Neoprene
Cuff Type: Regular

Cuff Closure: TPR with Velcro hook & loop

Golden Bull 360 ™

Back: Breathable Knitted Mesh Fabric

Knuckle Reinforcement: Neoprene with Sonic welded TPR
Palm: Ax Suede Synthetic Leather
Fourchette: Knitted Spandex
Thumb: Breathable Knitted Mesh Fabric
Printing: Arcis Shield Sonic Welding and Arcis Printing
Cuff: Neoprene
Cuff Type: Regular

Cuff Closure: TPR with Velcro hook & loop