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Embossed Rifle

Our Tactical glove provides enhanced grip with its custom silicone pattern printing at the palm allowing  you to have superior control of the firearm as if it is an extension of their body. With custom finger and thumb construction to provide an optimum feel for the trigger. 

Designed for military and law enforcement specialists during hazardous operations. As it is lightweight, comfortable and cut resistant. This glove provides enhanced durability, flexibility and a contoured fit with thermoregulation by using a breathable inner. Furthermore, touch screen compatible fingers, Thermoplastic plastic rubber (TPR) around the wrist with embossing and silicon printing gives the glove a futuristic look while providing maximum safety. 


Product features
  • Back of handKnitted Breathable Spandex
  • PalmAX Suede Synthetic Leather
  • FourchetteNylon Spandex
  • ThumbAX Suede Synthetic Leather with Breathable Spandex Reinforcement
  • FingertipsTouchscreen Compatible Conductive Fingertips
  • CuffEmbossed Neoprene
  • Cuff typeRegular
  • Cuff ClosureTPR with Velcro hook & loop
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